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35+ Heartfelt Signs Your Soulmate Is Missing You

When you have a strong spiritual bond with someone, you may experience longing for them when you are apart.

This collection of sincere indicators that your soulmate is missing you raises the possibility that they are missing you just as much as you are.

These tiny clues, which range from recurrent dreams and common symbols to an inexplicable sense of their presence, allude to a strong, cosmic link.

These indications might reassure you that your soulmate is still very much a part of your life, even when you’re physically away, regardless of the reason for your separation. Have faith in these signs and the lasting bond between you.

Why do we miss our soulmates?

The strong emotional and spiritual bond that unites soulmates is frequently the cause of missing your soulmate and the indications that your soulmate is missing you. Their departure leaves a hole that makes one yearn for the special comprehension, solace, and happiness they provided.

A sense of completion, deep conversations, and recollections of shared times all add to the need. A soulmate’s absence is felt deeply since the heart resonates with them, highlighting how uncommon and important this relationship is.

The pain is a reflection of the want to feel the warmth and harmony that characterised the partnership again, to rekindle the remarkable connection.

50+ touching indicators that your soul mate is longing for you

Can soulmates miss one another so much that they begin to exhibit physical signs of their separation?

When two souls are closely linked, the loss of one might have a significant impact on the life of the other. It’s normal to feel a connection and sense that your soulmate is missing you.

This tie is created by a connection that goes beyond physical presence and is typically felt in subtle yet endearing ways. These 50 sincere indications, which serve as a gentle reminder of your unshakable link, are indicative of your soulmate’s missing you, regardless of the distance or circumstances separating you.

They keep showing up in your dreams, almost like your subconscious is trying to connect with them.
Frequently, you get an unexpected, enigmatic feeling of warmth and comfort, as though they’re thinking of you.
When you’re feeling low or alone, you see that they are sending you texts or making calls.
You hear strange tunes that make you think of them and they make you feel quite emotional.
You have frequent, significant coincidences that serve as a reminder of them and other indications that your soulmate is missing you.
You can’t seem to find any cause to get in touch with them, but you have a tremendous want to.
You get a feeling of calm or happiness that defies explanation, as though they’re thinking good things for you.
When you find yourself grinning or laughing aloud when you think about them, it’s one of the most telling signals your soulmate is missing you.
Even though you’re not talking to them directly, you have a gut feeling that they’re missing you.
You may notice items that remind you of your soulmate more frequently than normal or notice other unmistakable indicators that they are not with you.
One indication that your soulmate is missing you is if you experience an abrupt shift in energy around you, as though they are drawing near.
You feel that your sudden good fortune or news is related to them.
It seems as though you are having a mental dialogue with them, akin to telepathy.
Despite the distance, you can clearly detect their mood swings and emotions.
Little mementos of them, like objects or presents they gave you, keep popping up.
When you think of them, you experience tingling or warmth in your heart.
You feel a deep, inexplicable sensation of nostalgia or longing for them.
You remember them clearly when you’re alone or in a calm place.
Suddenly, you are drawn to revisit locations that hold special meaning for you both.
You often notice important dates that are associated with them, or their favourite number.
It feels like they are keeping an eye on you, giving you a sense of security and comfort.
When they’re on your mind, you feel more spiritually linked or have more intuition.
During chats, you catch yourself unintentionally calling them by name.
You firmly believe that you’ll cross paths or rejoin in the near future.
When you think of them, you have a sense of wholeness or completion.
You see coincidences that don’t seem to be coincidences at all.
Unconsciously, you find yourself writing to them or about them.
You are more conscious of your surroundings and more sensitive to them when you think about them.
Your relationship with them has caused an abrupt change in your priorities or viewpoints.
You observe that animals, particularly pets, respond strangely, as though they can sense your emotional attachment.
Thinking of them causes a bodily sensation to arise, similar to a soft touch or caress.
Your curiosity with spiritual or metaphysical subjects pertaining to soul connections has grown.
You find yourself getting ready, making plans, or anticipating their return or chance encounter.
You see flashes of déjà vu connected to your past interactions with them.
You sense that clearing up old grudges and misunderstandings is urgent or important.
You are more appreciative of the small things that bring them to memory.
You have a strong need to protect them or care about their well.
You identify a pattern in the difficulties or roadblocks you encounter, which leads you back to your previous ideas.
You experience a void or sensation of loss that is only satisfied when you are with them.
Your sensitivity to odours, or smells that evoke memories of them, has risen.
You discover that you are preserving or treasure small items that are meaningful to them.
When you reflect on your times together, you feel as though time has stopped.
Your relationship with them inspires you to want to better yourself or your life.
You’ve noticed that some shows, films, or books you come across appear to address your problem head-on.
You discover that, generally speaking, you are more susceptible to relationships and love.
Your relationship with them has shaped your understanding and acceptance of your past.
You are connected to them by a feeling of common destiny or purpose.
You feel more inspired or creative than usual, usually in connection with thinking about them.
You’ve developed greater understanding and patience as a result of your relationship.
Whatever your circumstances right now, you are deeply grateful that you met them.
You come across old pictures or keepsakes that bring back a tonne of memories about your soul partner.
Dreams frequently contain metaphors or symbols that allude to the existence or nonexistence of your soul mate.


Many people are curious about the telltale clues and experiences that point to a soulmate’s thoughts and emotions in the world of profound, soulful relationships. These are some commonly asked questions about this mysterious connection.

How do I know my soulmate is missing me?

If you feel unexpected feelings, have intense dreams about your soulmate, or feel strongly that your soulmate is with you even when you are not physically together, then you may be sure that your soulmate is also missing you.

Can you feel when your soulmate misses you?

Is it possible to miss your partner so much that you experience the same yearning in return?

Many people think that it is possible to sense when your soulmate is missing you; this is sometimes expressed as an intense, inexplicable sense of desire or an unavoidable emotional pull.

What happens when your soulmate leaves you?

Losing a soulmate might make you feel as though something is missing from you. Along with growth and self-discovery, you may go through a period of transition, great melancholy, and disorientation.

When your soulmate is considering you, how does it make you feel?

Does my soulmate miss me when I feel like it?

It might be a cosy and consoling feeling to know that your sweetheart is thinking of you. You can experience an unanticipated surge of happiness, detect a mental or emotional connection, or feel surprisingly uplifted.

A strong bond

A soulmate connection is a profound and frequently mysterious experience. The connection can show itself in a variety of emotional, spiritual, and even physical ways whether or not they are together in person. It provides a sense of oneness that is timeless and unaffected by space and time.